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creation, accumulation and timely refreshing of stocks of means of individual protection, material means, reserves for performance of actions of Civil defense and life support of the population;

The post 2 (double, round-the-clock) is obliged both to turn on the filtroventilyatsionny unit and to regulate its work, to watch a condition of sealing, to check means of emergency lighting, to close or open the protective and hermetic valve of the emergency air duct.

All population subject to distribution and evacuation join in evacuation lists which are formed on the organizations and KSK in triplicate beforehand and are specified when obtaining the order on carrying out evacuation actions.

Technical actions of Civil defense have to be provided by drawing up schemes and projects of regional planning and building of territories, settlements, industrial zones, in construction projects, expansions, reconstruction and modernization of the organizations.

The commandant together with staff of a link participates in check of sealing of a shelter and provides maintenance of an order in it, constant readiness for reception of the population, reception will organize, and also is responsible for safety and serviceability of all equipment.

evacuation bodies - the evacuation and evacuation receiving commissions created by the central and local executive bodies, the organizations of all forms of ownership for implementation of evacuation of the population, material values in a safe zone, the organizations of their placement, a production activity and life support;

Design and budget documentation on development of regions, building of territories, construction and reconstruction of settlements and objects of managing is agreed with governing bodies of Civil defense.