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Sayentolog quite often give out wished for the valid. Yes, they make considerable efforts to approach with ­. Also it becomes, it is necessary to, with impudence which, ­, has to equally as imperious (after all too living people there!), and public.

Dvorkin, having decided to check a of sayentolog, contacted the management of "Volvo" and took an interest, whether really they use Hubbard technology. Swedes were offended and asked where it is printed, intending to file a lawsuit on sayentolog. Also business and with "General ­" — any enterprise respecting itself in the West, in an large is, will not risk to by use of "technology".

Let's explain that the communication program usually. to sessions of "listening" also consists of several steps. The first of them is called as TR-0 ("zero training exercise"). It looks so: two are located to the tiny room and have to look continuously within several hours each other per a. At first, H. Davenport remembers, I felt extremely unnaturally and in any way could not understand, what sense of this procedure. And only some years later understood - the purpose to achieve that in any situation ­ looked "normal", safe. And what for?

In the appendix this "" - both world-wide recognized, and world famous, and very effective in every possible way. To the device, that is the top management of an the industry of Moscow, had to flatter that this seminar - "for the leading elite", "for progressively conceiving " that "for the first time in ", and besides right after " meetings in the West".

The method essence is as follows: our mind consists of two parts - analytical (conscious) and jet (registering). Analytical mind is completely rational and can function as the computer. Jet mind is irrational and is under certain conditions capable to influence work of analytical mind. While we are awake and are healthy - problems are not present. We sleep or we are ill - its activity is distorted or blocked. Jet mind is completely active - it registers everything that happens to activity of the person. When jet mind is slowed down, jet mind that does not perceive from out of and starts being aloof, address to painful impressions, spiritual wounds - ingramma.

In "Vasilyevsk". "program" 30 children with signs of a beam - nuclides in a thyroid gland and bone tissues were carried out. "" lasted two weeks. At the pronounced preference to sayentologa and fake rejection of attending physicians was shown. All children during procedures of a the same picture, ­ at them with an image ­. They also described it in the compositions reports: incredibly green grass, very bright, the blue-blue sky and the singing paradise birdies.

So inconsistent estimates, certainly,. The problem, however, remains: what results of "listenings" on what, in particular, their appreciation, generally speaking, repeating advertizing promises of Hubbard are based?

If at you the doubt creeps in, continues Davenport, the instructor declares: "And what at you to consider, what it only a hallucination?" And it hits the nail: by this time the person can already lose ability to define that is real. When such barrier is broken, the feeling of reality becomes any and everyday life of the person can mix up with live and bright hallucinations".

- high doses of are potentially hazardous to health. Superdoses of B1 vitamin "effect of the displaced ", the hallucinations similar to influence of some. B3 vitamin superdoses in the form of a niatsin can cause a of functions of a liver.

Sometimes, however, it is possible to meet also other judgments. So, one woman after hundred hours of "listening" declared that "the escalating acquired by her to control reaction to the past well affects a present state, in particular, will give big resistance to negative manifestations of life".