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Yatsunsky's statement differed in even more resolute critical mood that before reform of 1861 the capitalist relations were shown only in the form of weak sprouts. Subordination of small-scale way to the dominating feudal way of production excludes, in his opinion, expediency of allocation of special small-scale type and, respectively, a historical stage of stratification feudal krestyanstva.1

Development of small-scale commodity production was inseparably linked with genesis of the capitalist relations in the country. It was interfaced to emergence of bourgeois communications in the production sphere that quite distinctly came to light since the XVII century, and in some districts and earlier. 1

Being throughout XVII - XVIIIVV. almost only type of fuel, wood annually by hundreds of thousands it is put off went on needs of the large-scale and small industry. Needs of steel works, salt saltworks, potashny and other enterprises for firewood were exclusively great, leading to injurious destruction of not mentioned forest grounds. This circumstance, to stat speaking, served as biased argument against small-scale metallurgical production of posadsky people and peasants. At the end of XVIIV. only one (the truth, the largest) the area of salt production in Prikamye consumed 600 thousand on fuel is put off firewood. Requirements of the steel works burning charcoal were even more considerable. Logging and an alloy were one of the most widespread areas of application of effort of peasants of otkhodnik of different districts of the state.